Beyond the memory 1986, 59 minutes

Screenplay, director, cinematography and editing : Alain Mazars
Experimental movie shot in China
TV broadcast : TF1 in august 1986.
On general release in 1987.
Selected in International Festivals of Cannes ("Perspectives du cinéma français"), Barcelone, Florence, Hong Kong, Madrid, Montpellier.


In 1976, an opera singer from the province of Qinghai is released after spending seven years in a reeducation camp in the south of China. He is given permission to go back to the village where his wife died and takes the train to cross the country, obsessed by one thought: How will he recognize the child he never saw?

L'HUMANITE. 7 august 1986.

... a very pure and delicate movie, extremely poetic... very beautiful. F. ALPHANDERY

LIBERATION. 7 august 1986.

... a long quest for childhood, with the essential quality of a silent movie. Xavier Villetard

REVOLUTION. 1 august 1986.

Alain Mazars is a very talented director who takes us on a mental journey to the childhood of the hero. He draws us into his own emotions, and they become ours. We can then identify with a young man who becomes different, dying to find his loved ones again, after a long and painful separation…A magnificent movie. Michel Levieux

LE SOIR. 7 august 1986.

... A very touching movie where we discover a country and a man, who are both escaping us and captivating us. J. Beaulieu

LE MONDE. 14 october 1987.

... this movie is much more interesting than a documentary. Catherine Humblot

LE CANARD ENCHAINE. 7 october 1987.

... This is a revolutionary on screen treatment of Mao and his work, and after seeing it you will become an adept of Alain Mazars… A. Rn

LA REVUE DU CINEMA. october 1987.

... First of all it is a visual story, haunted by very small objects of daily life, and the poetry created by the camera. This alchemy of Chinese images is fascinating. Jacqueline Nacache

L'EXPRESS. 2 october 1987.

... Between fiction and documentary, this is dreamlike cinema, both intellectual and touching. Laure Bastien