China and reality 2012, 59 minutes

Documentary film by Alain Mazars.
Produced by MOVIE DA.
TV broadcast : CINE CINEMA.
Selected by International Film Festival "Paysages de cinéastes" of Châtenay-Malabry
and Chinese Cinema Film Festival of La Rochelle.
Music: Jessica Mazars.


Some say that China is a fiction and it is indeed: The Middle Kingdom has always been and remains to this day the place of fantasies for the Western World. Wang Bing, Jia Zhangke and Wang Xiaoshuai, the characters of this documentary, dare to do what those who preceded them had never tried before: search for reality through their movies. Using the work of three great directors from the same generation, those who came after the events of Tiananmen Square, this movie, which starts at the end and is edited like a puzzle, offers an exploration of what Chinese society is really like since the Beijing Spring.

POSITIF. november 2011.

A very interesting documentary by Alain Mazars,CHINA AND REALITY, premiered at the SCAM, before its screening at CINE CLUB +.
The movie focuses mainly on 3 directors from the 6th generation, Jia Zhangke, Wang Bing and Wang Xiaoshuai , who review all their movies and link them the history of their country in the aftermath of Tiananmen. Hubert Niogret

TELERAMA. march 2012.

Movie director Alain Mazars quotes Simon Leys (a Belgian writer and expert on China), who said that “the uprising in Beijing in 1989 has smashed to pieces once and for all the fantasy that was the Peoples Republic of China.” Indeed, as is shown in the movies of Wang Bing, Jia Zhang-ke, Wang Xiaoshuai and ZhangYuan, the people's uprising and the reforms that followed heightened the awareness of the Chinese people to the concepts of democracy, equality, freedom and justice, but it didn't last very long.