The pavilion of peonies 1988, 59 minutes

A film by Alain Mazars.
Production and TV broadcast : LA SEPT.
Selected by the MUSÉE GUIMET.


A young woman from affluent society is seduced by a young man she saw in a dream, one afternoon in springtime. She is now a prisoner of that impossible love, and she dies of melancholia. But love is stronger than death and the judge of hell takes pity of the young woman, who manages to come back to life and to her lover. The opera THE PAVILION OF PEONIES was composed in 1598 by the poet Tang Xianzu (1550-1617), one of the greatest drama writers of the Ming period. The kun qu is the form of Chinese opera that is the most classical and was greatly appreciated by the intellectuals of that time because of its refined musicality, literature and gesture.


This movie is a personal adaptation by the most Chinese French director. It was partly shot in the natural landscape of the gardens of Hangzhou. Véronique Prost