Memories of spring in Liao Ning 1981, 45 minutes

A film by Alain Mazars.
This documentary was part of the retrospective of the best experimental documentaries from 1952 to 1982 at the Georges Pompidou Center.
It was nominated for the 12th biennial event of the Museum of Modern Art of Paris.


Experimental diary shot in 1978-1979 when Alain Mazars was a volunteer teacher in China, 2 years after Mao's death. We see a few pictures, by candlelight, and they flash before our eyes quicker and quicker, before becoming mental images, an entanglement of memories coming from a mind that was asleep until then.

POSITIF. november 1981.

... A very emotional movie, even though it is structured and perfectly mastered, and underneath the emotional side the author speaks his mind about China…Thanks to a very surprising editing process, these MEMORIES OF SPRING are far in advance in terms of turning music into images. François Ramasse

LIBERATION. 18 october 1981.

... more important than a simple documentary. Elisabeth Ayala

TELERAMA. 15 january 1982.

... a new concept of documentary. 

CAHIERS DU CINEMA. december 1982.

... the goal of this documentary is to engrave some truths in the minds of those who watch it, to turn a brief image into a definitive and unavoidable reality. Louis Skorecki

IMAGE ET SON. october 1981.

... exemplary work from Alain Mazars. Raphaël Bassan


... a surprising movie. 

CINEMATOGRAPHE. february 1984.

... The talent of the young Alain Mazars deserves to be noticed. 

MEDIUM. february 1983.

... A wonderful surprise in the production of French movies... unique and fascinating.