The garden of ages 1982, 56 minutes

A film by Alain Mazars.
Critics Award, Award of the Public and Award Samson François for Best Soundtrack at the Hyères international Festival.
Distributed by Ministry of Foreign Affairs at several cultural events throughout the world.


On a mountain of Sichuan, in China, there is a tale that says there was a rock, a long time ago, that had children. Beyond their age differences and the distance between them, those who dream about the rock are in a kind of permanent connection. Fascinated by the same stone, their thoughts, movements, and desires become one. One day, they will be reunited in a garden called “the garden of the ages.” They say that in this garden, at the same place and at the same time, the four seasons of life meet: spring for birth, summer for childhood, fall for adulthood and winter for old age. This garden is both indoors and outdoors, like a big house with its own garden inside.

CINEMA 82. december.

... The vision of A. Mazars takes us on a journey to discover the Orient, but it’s much more of an inward journey than a geographic one. Patrick Lavallé

NICE MATIN. 6 september 1982.

... Fascinating and very well directed. 

NRF. january 1983.

... a network of overprints, giving a lyrical tone to the documentary. Florence de Meredieu

LIBERATION. 7 september 1982.

… Eisenstein, in the Parisian suburbs, makes a French/Chinese remake of Wild Strawberries. Louis Skorecki

LA MARSEILLAISE. 5 september 1982.

... Beyond the fascinating tale, we cross this garden with a real movie maker. C. Martino